You Can't Handle The Hype!

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You Can't Handle The Hype!
With personal fashion it is important to create your own "hype" so to speak.  You have create a wardrobe that personifies who you are or who you want to become. 
Whether you are a Wall Street broker, a teacher or stay at home dad... You choose the style that you not only feel comfortable in, but the style that brings out your own identity.  Thus in essence you are creating your own "hype".  Granted you can always play up or play down this type of hype depending on your mood.  Feeling adventurous, feeling sexy or feeling the need to relax... your style brings forth your persona.
Working on the Sinclair Wear project was a brilliant test for me to see if I cold bring forth the inner persona of the models I was working with.  I pitched the idea of using an abandoned factory to Colin as a location.  He agreed and we began planning.  During our production meeting we chose the styles that we would feature.  The factory itself was a large location, so not only were trying to create a character through fashion, but also through imagery.  The backdrop played a large part of this as well.  Each scene needed to match the particular fashion.
Once we had the models in the given location, the clothing and the mood helped bring forth a character.  It is amazing to see how one style brings forth a different energy with a model versus another style.  Once all the elements fall into place, the magic simply happens!
Model: Colin Sinclair
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