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Being able to create content that can be viewed via multi-channel marketing is important in today's world and something that I truly excel in.  Here you will find various content I have produced or have worked on for various companies.  Please note that I can not share everything due to non-disclosure agreements, however I will update this with new items when I can. 

Individual articles are available in PDF format.  Simply send me an email to request a copy of a particular article.

Lürzer's Archive

It has been a honor to collaborate with the world's leading magazine for advertising.  Being selected as a guest blogger and producing original content that marketing community would find intriguing was pure pleasure.  My first post is entitled THE ART OF PRESENTING YOUR WORK.  I am currently working on a new post for the magazine's blog.

Read my article on the official Lürzer's Archive site by clicking HERE.

WYCC PBS Chicago

I was contacted by WYCC PBS Chicago about doing a guest blog after they read one of my Tweets.  The topic was to discuss a specific theme that came up during one of the Presidential Debates.  My goal was to create an article that would be of interest to their television viewers in order to spark more interest in viewing the WYCC PBS website and blogs.


Working alongside one of the leading companies in the digital art world has been a true privilege.  

I have collaborated with Wacom in several different ways.  This has included gallery curation, original content creation, and contests.

Curating the Wacom gallery on Behance has been quite fun, because I get to directly interact with artists by selecting their work to be featured.  The Wacom Gallery is updated every eight hours with a new feature artist that I have selected.

Working closely with Wacom's PR team, I was tasked to interview several well known creatives that are trending at the moment.  This included: selecting the artist (and contacting them), creating unique questions specified for each artist, selecting the imagery that would be featured in the articles.  This also required me to utilize SEO Keywords in order to make the articles more searchable on the internet.   Of course there is additional work that goes on behind the scenes when creating original content and something I can share with those who are interested in learning more.

In 2015, I began collaborating with the new Social Media Manager to develop contests that would increase the desire to work with Wacom products as well as connect with their community on Behance.  So far we have launched a Halloween and Holiday Art contests.... and we have more contests planned that will enable to increase the awareness of their products.
Wacom InfoChannel article featuring illustrator Steve Simpson.
Read my article with Steve Simpson by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring Peter Jaworowski, co-founder and executive creative director at Ars
Thanea (now part of SYZYGY).
Learn more by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring illustrator / character designer Kerem Beyit.
Read my article featuring Kerem Beyit by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring artist Alexis Marcou.
Learn more about Alexis Marcou by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring graffiti artist Diego Della Posta ( aka Mr. THOMS ).
View the article by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring illustrator / character designer Caroline Vos.
Read Caroline Vos's interview by clicking HERE.

Wacom InfoChannel article featuring special effects art director Louis Guggenberger from Trixter.
This was special article written prior to the release of Mavel's Avengers Age of Ultron.  Since Louis and Trixter had worked on several Marvel films the idea was to give the article a story like essence.  I then utilized SEO Keywords that related to both the film and comic book industry to make it more searchable.  I also correlated the idea of Louis being a real life digital super hero, which really enabled me to use even more keywords.

To read the article click HERE.

Contest Creation
Wacom Halloween Contest
This was my first collaboration with the new Social Media Manager at Wacom Europe.  We wanted to created a contest that would be interesting to both the Wacom and Behance communities.  The idea was to have a contest that lasted a week where artists would create a new Halloween creature each day.  I promoted the contest via LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram, and Facebook... because I am already established in several online art communities.
The Contest:
Learn more about the contest by clicking HERE.
The Winners:
See the winners of this contest by clicking HERE.
Wacom Winter Behance Contest
With this contest the Social Media Manager and myself wanted to use an idea similar to the Wacom Halloween Contest, but with some changes.  Instead of artists creating artwork each day, each week would have a theme.  Thus artists would have more time to create imagery.  Changing the dynamic makes the contest more interesting each time.  Again, I promoted this in various Social Media networks... including LinkedIn, Xing, Instagram and Facebook.
The Contest:
Click HERE to view the contest details.
The Winners:
View the winners by clicking HERE.
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