Here you can read some of the recommendations that have been given to me over the years.  You can find more on my LinkedIn and Xing profiles.

"I have met Kenneth in various functions and am impressed with what professional attitude and knowledge he is mastering any task thrown at him in the creative work surrounding. May it be Photography, Graphic Design or Copy, he always finds a personal, innovative approach to get things done in a way that best meets the needs of his customers. And aside from that, Kenneth is just a very passionate, forthcoming, pro-active and yet decent guy who is fun working with!"
- Jens Kellersmann, Senior Director of Global Product PR at Wacom

"I have met Kenneth as the Behance Community leader in Düsseldorf/NRW. He is an amazing creative professional, highly engaged, committed and always reliable in our cooperation. At the same time he continuously shows his creativity with inspiring ideas and results. I wish we would find more Community leaders like Kenneth!"
- Katrin Baumann, Head of Marketing for Central/Eastern Europe & Emerging markets at Adobe Systems

"I have worked with Kenn on editorial content projects. His passion for creative expression is combined with a positive attitude. He is a creative problem-solver with strong communication and project management skills. I enjoyed working with him a lot. "
- Natalia Wilhelm, Social Media Manager at GoPro

"While working with Kenn on U-Pick Live he stepped up to the plate time and time again. We all took on various jobs and did more than we were hired to do but Kenn was the utility tool of the production and made himself available to every department from props to graphics to the stage and then some. He was fearless in the field and could lock up a set faster and better than anyone I have worked with. Not only that, he most likely had secured the permits for the location, drove the van to and from on top of loading it and unloading it. If asked once, it got done right and on time. Kenn is an asset to any production, PERIOD!"
- Jeff Sutphen, ABC/Nickelodeon/G4/MTV Networks/Part Hero Productions

"If you're looking for an out-of the box thinker with hands-on skills then Kenn Shinabery is the guy. An added bonus about working with Ken is his consistent great attitude."
- Teresa Bembury, former Senior Art Director at Direct Brands

"Kenneth is a conscientious, hard working individual with a great attitude and love for his work."
- Tina Magnuson, Line Producer - In Performance at the White House The Gerswhin Prize for Popular Song

"Kenneth is a hard working, diligent asset to production."
- Christopher Holt, Producer/Director at Rock Road Pictures LLC

"Kenneth worked as a talent coordinator on my commercial sets handling contracts and wrangling talent, while working closely with Assistant Directors. Kenneth is very personable and has great communications skills, which was very much needed as he would be handling up to 200 background performers as well as clients. Background Inc. is New York's busiest casting company for extras and we have an excellent reputation of which we are very protective so we only hire the best people to represent us on commercial sets and Kenneth fit the bill perfectly. He was enthusiastic, brought a positive attitude and was well like by everyone.
Kenneth also helped coordinate castings we had in the office where he would need to photograph the talent auditioning for the background roles. He was very efficient and would always do such a great job."
- Jennifer Feraday, President at Background Inc.

"Kenneth's greatest attributes are his eagerness to learn, his commitment and flexibility. In the time that he as been with our company, Kenneth has shown himself to be an exemplary worker. He is a team player and an excellent people person, who is adept at any task set before him. Kenneth always exhibits a positive disposition and is well liked by his peers. He is reliable and detail-oriented and gives 100% in all that he does. Kenneth marries determination and professionalism with a genuine and good-natured personality."
- Lisa Kim-Williams, formerly with Crate & Barrel

"Kenneth has been an integral part of our TCS-ESRA program (Technology Career Services-Ecole Superierure de Realisation Audiovisuelle). ESRA is the third largest fiilm school in France and has had a 4th option program in New York since 2007. Kenneth has served as the lead instructor for the school's English courses, which is one of our most important departments, as all of our students come from France. Kenneth's courses covered a large array of subjects such as: Film, Television and Commercial Terms; On Set Terminology; Departments and Professions in the Film-making Industry; Resumes and Cover Letters; and Conversational English.
His ability to connect with each student was incredible, and besides being a pleasure to work with, Kenneth was constantly coming up with great ideas, and has considerably helped our English classes improve. His drive, passion, organization and attention to detail were always of highest standard.
In addition to this, Kenneth has demonstrated a great interest in our students outside of regular class hours, helping them find internships and succeed in the professional world.
I highly recommend Kenneth for employment, as he would definitely be a great asset to any organization."
- Charlotte Jardat-Katz, TCS-ESRA Coordination Manager

"Ich brauchte vor kurzem Hilfe bei einem englischen Copytext der DHL und Kenneth war so lieb ir schnell und spontan zu helfen. Kenneth's Aufgabe bestand darin den bisher sehr sachlichen Text so umzuwandelndes das packender, emotionaler und patriotischer wurde. Ihm ist das in kürzester Zeit sehr gut gelungen und er hat außerdem durch selbstständige Recherche weitere Features mit in den Text aufnehmen könnnen. Ich würde ihn jederzeit wieder um Hilfe bitten."
- Jessica-Sandra Peters, PR Specialist / Account Manager / Project Manager

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