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Speaking at the BenQ booth at the Photo + Adventure Messe at Duisburg's Landschaftspark.

Photo Credit: Michael B. Rehders

Over the past several years, I have emerged as an influencer in the realms of Creativity, Tech, Marketing, Public Relations, Community Development and Games.  This has led me to speak at various conferences and events across Europe and in the US.


Being an influencer means that I support the brands and products that I truly admire.  Besides in-person engagements, it also includes the following:

Facilitating brand awareness across social platforms.
Reviewing tech, software and games.
• Experimenting with creative software and art supplies.
Creating content (online and offline).
Engaging the communities of brands.
Judging contests both online and offline.
Producing conferences, events and meetups.
Taking part in podcasts and online lectures.
Taking part in competitions.
And much much more.

On LinkedIn alone, I have over 5k followers. 
This includes professionals working in the following areas:

• Entertainment
• Advertising, Marketing and PR
• The games industry
• Technology and software development
• Publishing (books, magazines, etc.)
• Various creative fields

In the fall of 2019, I founded DYC Studios as a primary source for my content creation across several social media platforms.  The idea was to create content relating to things I am passionate about.  The platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, etc.  With 2020 finally here, I am excited to annouce that I will also begin to stream content on LinkedIn Live.
Currently, I am in production on a website that will link all the DYC Studios channels together.


I am currently part of several influencer programs and represent various brands.  These include:

•  Adobe Influencer DACH Program
•  Adobe ACP Program
•  Adobe Education Exchange Lecturer / Instructor
•  Wacom Evangelist
•  Curator of the Wacom Gallery on Behance
•  BenQ Influencer / Expert Studio Program
•  TechSmith Influencer


Having created content for print and online media, I believe it is important to be both genuine and authentic.  When I produce content, my goal is to humanize it.  The content that I create is meant not only to Educate and Entertain, but also Inspire.

I believe that my core value system makes me a strong influencer.  These include:

•  Community first, every voice matters and engage followers with respect.
•  Dare to dream, as creativity plays a large role in what I do.
•  Commitment to quality content.
•  Execution with excellence during the content creation, publishing and engagement phases.
•  Showing passion for the content I am creating and sometimes embracing my inner geek at the same time.
•  Thinking globally and create content that can be enjoyed in any region.
•  Dedication to learning, growing and experimentation.
•  Teamwork.  Work closely with brands to create content benefits them and intrigues my followers.
•  Continue creating authentic and genuine content that is humanized.
•  Be honest.  Never promote something that I am not in love with.
•  Stay humble and true to my beliefs.


I am available to take part in new influencer programs.  If you are interested in utilizing my talents as an influencer for your brand, then please feel free to contact me via the email address below.
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