Work Hard, Play Harder, Stay Stylish
In life it is important to work and play hard.... but it is also important to stay stylish!  With Sinclair Wear one can do just that!
I created  a series of projects to be launched for Sinclair Wear, which is a new label based in  Düsseldorf, Germany.  The idea was to create imagery that serve multiple purposes.  Whether it be print, posters, postcards, hang tags, banners, or online.  The imagery's job was to portray the fashions designed by Colin Sinclair in a unique and vibrant way; while remaining hip and cool.
With the combination of fashion, photography, urban exploration and graffiti our goal to life was to bring about a hip fashion statement.  Your fashion is not only your style... but your art... your expression!  What you choose to wear is your personal statement!

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