Woody Woodpecker
Growing up in the US, one is exposed to a wide range of cartoons.  I believe as an artist the flickering images of animation stay with us in our memories and sometimes influence our work.

One thing I have grown fond of doing from time to time is re-imagining some of the cartoon classics in my own style.  Giving the character a small tweak while still paying homage to our childhood memory of the character.

In this project I wanted to redefine Walter Lantz's wild and crazy redheaded bird... WOODY WOODPECKER.  Those who remember Woody Woodpecker probably remember that there were three different versions of him that aired on television.  The first incarnation was around 1940 and had a really crazy wild look.  In 1947, Woody became a little more streamed line and a lot less crazy looking.  Ten years later he was given more curves.  For my version... I wanted to have age the woodpecker just a little bit and give some aspects of all three previous versions.  As far as how his character personally differs... he still has that sense of humor, but I wanted it to be more edgier... something that could air on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.  I think giving him a grittier sense of humor would be quite interesting to see.

email: kshinabery212@gmail.com

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