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Who's There?
In June 2015, I returned to Italy for the second time to visit the Scuola Internazionale di Comics located in the city of Jesi.  The city itself dates back to 4th century BC. 

While there I decided to work on a sequel to my "Doors of Pescara" project.  In the process of doing so I ended up creating two projects.  This being the first features various door knockers that can be seen around the city.

What I have learned about Italians is that they are very inviting and hospitable. So just like knocking a door, all you have to do is say hello and they will open up.  Thus, there is a connection to this project and the people of this region in Italy.  They are very friendly and warm, so I want to make this project a tribute to the people of Jesi.

The second part of this project will feature the "Doors of Jesi."  But I will release that later this summer.

These projects are available for gallery shows and exhibits.
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