What do you get a 500 pound CREATIVE GORILLA?
This was created for a contest that was run in the conjunction of Photoshop CS5.

Well... CS5 of course!!!

About two weeks ago I was at the Bronx Zoo.  While there I had the opportunity to photograph a magnificent silverback gorilla.

When I heard about the contest that Adobe had launched I came up with an interesting idea.

I based the concept around the old question " What would you get a 500 pound gorilla?"  Except I gave it my own personal twist.

Every designer has a creative beast inside of them waiting to be unleashed.  Here that beast is represented by the gorilla.

I used easy select tool to choose the gorilla, and then I gave the background photo a HDR effect.  I think the bright colors make the piece visually interesting.

The only part of the image I did not create was the CS5 box.

The image was selected as one of the winners of Adobe's 5 Weeks of 5 Competition and I received a copy of Photoshop CS5.
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