Warrior Princess / Promarkers
In 2013, I took a step back from creating art digitally.  I felt as an artist it is good to go back to your roots and work in a more traditional medium.  As a result of this idea, I began working with Letraset Promarkers to create new characters and revamp ones that were well known.

During this process I created a sketch of a native American Indian warrior princess (a little more modern of course).  I had intended to color the image digitially in Photoshop, but since I was polishing my skills with ink... I decided to color the illustration by hand.

The final piece was created on paper that was roughly 11.5" x 17".
The original sketch was created using my Pentel Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil.
After creating the skin tone, I began experimenting with color combinations that would be used for the hair.  I knew that I would use pink as the main color, and I really debated about using the blue as an accent color.
I really liked how the pink looked.  During this process I was still trying to decide whether or not I wanted to add the blue accents, so I left some of the curls of hair white.
After adding more pink strands of hair, I decided that she would look great with the blue accents.
I was really happy that I added the blue accents.  It gave her hair more dynamic look and also made the over all design more modern.
The finalized version of the WARRIOR PRINCESS.
email: kshinabery212@gmail.com
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