Wacom Coffee Shop Girl Animation

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Wacom Coffee Shop Girl
Working with Adobe Illustrator and Animate CC, I wanted to create a motion graphic that could be specifically used for social media feeds such as Instagram. 
Since I work primarily with the Wacom Cintiq and I love that I can create artwork with it anywhere.  Thus, I wanted to portray that within the illustration.  Thus, I illustrated a girl sitting in a coffee shop working on her Cintiq Companion.  She looks out the window from time to time either to day dream and find inspiration from what she sees happening outside.
Everything was built to work in layers.  This way her arm would not be directly in the foreground as it moved, rather behind the coffee cup and would pass behind the Cintiq as it lowered.
If you notice... I also squeezed in the Düssel York City logo as well.  The coffee shop logo on the window features the words reflected backwards.  Because I did not want to directly write my name on the graphic... I thought that little Easter Egg would be fun for those who know my work.
email: kshinabery212@gmail.com
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