The Misplaced Souls: Story 3

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The Misplaced Souls: Story 3
This series continues the exploration of the abandoned senior citizen's home that I had the opportunity to visit in Germany.
One thing that I have learned through urban exploring is that all things are temporary.  Different variables cause these buildings to be left and sometimes forgotten.  One is fortunate to discover buildings where they look as if time has stood still, all be it with a couple layers of dust.  However, many times these structures are over taken by nature or have been vandalized. 
These buildings were constructed with the intention that they would stand the test of time.  A person, group or company dreamed of something greater.... only for these structures to decline as time passed.  The crumbling and decay can create a natural art that is waiting to be photographed.
I enjoy seeing older buildings re-purposed and turned into something new enabling the vision to continue.  But alas... this is not always possible.  When exploring it important to respect the history of a place and think of what it may have been like when it was fully operational.  By photographing one's experience while urban exploring, one can share his or her personal depiction of what they have unearthed.   Every photographer who enters will be entranced by various things and capture the venue in his or her unique way.  Therefore documenting the evolution of the location.
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