The Misplaced Souls: Story 2

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The Misplaced Souls: Story 2
This set will further explore the abandoned senior citizen home that I visited in Germany.
Sometimes I get asked: Why do you enjoy Urban Exploring and UrbEx Photography?
I think there are a few reasons why enjoy this type of photography.  I have always loved to explore and see new places.  Many times when I visit cities I will avoid the touristy areas to see what I can discover.  This is partly why location scouts for commercial and television productions was always interesting to me.  You never know what you will find.  Thus, this is a new way for me to see interesting places that not everyone sees.  I can then visualize what kind of setting the place could be used for.  And I have returned with models to some locations for shoots.
Another reason is I have vivid imagination.  When I go into a Forgotten Place, I look at how it is today and then think about what it was like in its shining glory.  Picturing the people working in those buildings or living.  And also that someone put their heart into making the place only to have nature reclaim it.
What do I say when people ask me if they can visit a location that I have been to?
I first tell them that they need to look the unwritten rules for Urban Exploring.  This means if you visit a place, you leave it as you found it for the next person to discover.  This means one should not vanadlize the location or steal anything.  Another example, is I tell them if there is no way in then you do not go in.  I have heard about people breaking doors and windows.... and this is really sad.  This is why many UrbExers do not publicly share the names of locations.  I have found some sites that look as if the people just left, and those places should remain looking that way.
If they continue to ask, I tell them to look up the things that can go wrong when Urban Exploring.  You must have common sense, these places can be dangerous.  Usually after people have done their research they decide not to do this type of photography.  It is a fun way to capture amazing visuals, however there are large scale safety concerns.  I have even told them the ones who do decide that they want to pursue this type of photography that they must go with a friend.  Safety is the utmost concern when exploring an abaondoned building.  Because anything can happen to even the most experience Urban Explorers.
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