Sketchbook Volume 4
My sketchbooks serve a purpose.... they are a place where I can let loose my creative energy.  Sometimes I have an idea that I want to quickly express and other times I simply place the tip of my pencil on the paper following its lead.  It could start out as a simple shape that develops into something unique.  I never know what to expect, I just go with the flow and see what my imagination produces.

Welcome to SKETCHBOOK VOLUME 4.  I hope that you enjoy.  Feel free to let me know which illustration that you liked the most.


Sometimes on gloomy days it is the little things in life that spark our curiosity.

This comes from my SkeXtchbook project (yes with a 'X').

Bringing characters from fairy tales to life can be quite interesting.  We all have grown up with these vibrant personas that appear int these stories... to recreate or re-imagine these characters can be quite fun.

Exaggerating proportions can give an illustration more edge.  Caricature artists practice this style quite often. It is a way to show a character in way that gives them more personality.

Hiccup... is a little guy that simply wandered onto a piece of paper one day.  I do have a story for him and I think I could develop him into a game character for an iPhone or Android App.
So he may appear in the future on my portfolio.

From an early age I was inspired by Saturday Morning Cartoons.  This is why many classic characters appear in my sketchbook re-envisioned.  Whether it be Bugs Bunny or He-Man, recreating a character and giving him/her a personal twist can be quite satisfying.

Another Looney Tunes character brought to life.
Taz our favorite Tasmanian Devil!

Wile E. Coyote seems think he has Roadrunner once again.... but I think we all know better by now that won't happen.

“I’m the hootinst, tootinist, shootinist bobtail wildcat in the west!".. Yosemite Sam

Why Sam... yes you are!

Sometimes white space works well with a sketch. 

During Christmas, my whippet (Roo) decided to grace the pages of my sketchbook once again.

Batgirl has graced the pages of my sketchbook several times.
Again, comic book characters are fun to draw... like modern day fairy tales, legends or folklore these characters have fun personalities.

Only fitting that Boy Wonder (aka Robin) follows Batgirl.
Sorry folks Dick Grayson was the best Robin.

I was thinking about a magical ringmaster of sorts that could appear in a series of children's books.  At first I was going to give him a mustache, however he would have looked to dark.  Without the mustache he looks more mysterious.... is he good or bad?  I have no idea.

Cartoon Zombies... yeah way too many episodes of AMC's Walking Dead.

Pedro International Snail Fighter and Man of Romance.

I am developing a new series of sketches similar to this that I have been turning into vector graphics with a Wacom Cintiq.
The idea is to create some images that could be used in a teen magazine or products related to teens.
I think there is a total of 10 or more characters for this series each with their own distinct personality.  You will have to wait to see the final project.

Something a little more fast paced... or is that just because of the NIKE logo.

I will never limit myself to one style.  This gives me the ability to take on several different clients.

Being versatile makes you more marketable.  A client can ask me to create anything and I know that I can.  There is no doubt that as an illustrator that I can not achieve what the client is looking for.

I invite you to follow the White Rabbit through the Rabbit Hole and continue exploring my portfolio.

Also this is a hint (my Instgram followers are already aware of this)... there is a Alice in Wonderland project that I am working. So keep checking back for new additions to my portfolio and my sketchbook series.


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