Sketchbook Volume 3
Keeping a sketchbook allows an artist to practice, explore new techniques, and express ideas quickly.  I find having my sketchbook handy the best thing that I can do.  When I have an idea, then I can quickly whip out my sketchbook and start drawing.

Sometimes it may just be a doodle that takes two minutes and other times it may be an illustration that takes ten minutes.  Regardless of how long an illustration takes it is great to actually put an idea on paper.  With a sketch you can always go back and add more to it... or you can take it a step further by turning it into a graphic. 

Having the book handy or within reach, allows one to express an idea. 

With that being said welcome to an inside look at some of my personal drawings that can be found in my sketchbooks!

Enjoy Volume 3!

This illustration was used for the November 2014 Behance NRW invitation.  Our group now consists of over 900 members on Facebook and we host events every other month or so.

Once again my dog has managed to maneuver his way into my sketchbook.

It does not matter what type of paper you have handy.... if it is there use it!

"If Tara McPherson and Jon Burerman had a love child he might be named Sam or I think so..."
This simple drawing comes from my SkeXtchbook Project.  I have really nice sketchbook with a wooden cover that has a diecut X on it.  In this particular sketchbook I draw things that not always in a style that I would use.  It is an exploratory testament to my art.

Nintendo's favorite Koopa..... Bowser.

For Legend of Zelda fans... here is Nintendo's Link.

I really enjoy re-envisioning classic characters.  Giving the character a little big of my own personal twist, but being true or paying homage to their original style.  Here you can see a quick sketch of Disney's ever happy Goofy.

I can tell you that you will see this design again.  She has been turned into a vector graphic for a series that I did.  So keep a look out for her to return to my portfolio in another form.

I decided one day to poke fun at over caffeinated hipster copywriters.  I had no reason to do this, but I do remember reading an article on DesignTaxi that day which may have influenced this sketch a little bit.

Here I wanted to toy around with a more vintage or retro style, where the woman has more rounded features and where her eyes are spread further apart.  Giving her this wide eyed classic look.

I think being an artist that can be versatile when it comes to style and looks gives you an advantage.  A person can ask me to create something in a certain way and I am not scared to give it a go!
I believe this look kinda falls into Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley's style of Kim Possible. Not exactly of course, because that was not the idea... but something in that range.

My Ninja for the first #CreateBREAK.

I remember when I was visiting Holland I decided to pay tribute to Finn.  So for all the Adventure Time fans... here you go.

Sometimes I choose something at random to draw.  This really all depends on my mood or what I have been exposed to that day. My style is not dictated one specific type of illustration, and sometimes I simply like to play with the pen and see how the illustration evolves.

I remember this was more of a blending exercise.  Years ago I loved using markers and I decided that it was time to take a step back from doing everything digitally.  So I decided to start experimenting with Promarkers and blending.  Naturally it was like riding a bicycle and I was able to blend the ink accordingly.
But working with anime or even fairy tale characters allows you to work with some vivid colors.

A little fun with Disney's Donald Duck.

When inking an illustration, I enjoy using varying line width and thickness.  I have found that give the edge a thicker and bolder line makes the illustration stand out more.

Growing up watching Saturday Morning Cartoons, I was always attracted to the Hanna Barbera characters.  I think for a child they are easy to understand and you could watch any episode at any time without being left in the dark.  Thus, I really enjoy working on Hanna Barbera style cartoons.
So here is Scooby Dum for those of you who grew up with Scooby Doo.


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