Sketchbook Volume 2
Recently, I have been asked to share my sketchbook by clients and fans.  Many of my sketches end up going to my Instagram gallery for display, but I have decided to start sharing them here in my portfolio as well.

Many of my sketches start of as doodles and other times they start as ideas that will lead to larger scale projects.  Whether the sketch takes two minutes or twenty... the idea behind my sketchbook is EXPERIMENTATION.  Sketchbooks are kept so artists can explore ideas and styles.  It is a good way to stay fresh and hone your skills. 

So without further adieu.... may I present Sketchbook Volume 2.

Taking time out for CLOCKWORK ORANGE!  I could see turning this into a graphic in the future.

I was feeling a little retro when I was sketching this femme fatale.
Maybe a little Black Dahlia.

For some reason I feel that the Düssel, that flows through Düsseldorf, should have a tiki.

I guess Ariel got a new job at the Starbucks in Disney Land.

Having a little NYC moment.

My name is HUMPTY, pronounced with an "UMPTY!" - - - Who all remembers that?

I drew this originally in a guest book in Holland (Zeeland). So on the train ride from Holland to the Adobe Create Now Event in Berlin I decided to redraw it.  Again my dog slips his way into my work.

Another character from my Timberland - Real Man campaign.

Sometimes I feel a little nostalgic.... which leads to drawings of things like McDonald's Mayor McCheese.

It requires a really creative mind and vivid imagination to picture how Deutschland's Angela Merkel celebrated Germany Euro Cup win! By the way Angela.... Great legs!!!!

You got soul SISTA!

Kermit the Frog has seen better days.

For all the Star Wars fans.... it is about time to see some female pilots in the Force Awakens.

I am not sure where I came up with this idea... possibly thinking about Street Fighter characters.

My sketchbooks allow me to really play with different styles of character design.  Whether they be cartoony or realistic... having a sketchbook enables me to test various techniques.

I won a series of books entitled "Die Legenden vom Traumhändler" by Jeong-A Lee, which is an anime series.  Since I won it, I decided to use it as reference material.  So this is how I envisioned one of the anime characters from the book. I tried looking for the English title.... sorry no luck.

If I am bored and have a pencil in my hand... then there is no telling what will end up on the piece of paper.
But I do think this is a a character that I should turn into a graphic.

If I am creating a character, sometimes I start with the shape of the head and then let that lead me to the next step and then to the next step, until I am finished.

What I like about drawing fairy tale characters such as Pinocchio here, is that they have these colorful personalities.  So when you are using Promarkers or Copics you can really have fun with bringing them to life.

I worked at Nickelodeon for awhile in NYC, and I think you can sometimes see some influences from my time there.

I grew up reading comic books, so you are bound to find some superhero illustrations in my sketchbooks.

Thank you for viewing Sketchbook Volume 2.  If there are any particular illustrations that you enjoyed please tell me.  I really enjoy hearing from my viewers.  Plus, it could inspire me to take the illustration one step farther and turn it into a graphic.

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