Sketchbook Volume 1
Lately several of my clients and fans have been asking if I keep a sketchbook.  My answer is yes, I keep several... in various sizes, textures, and colors.  Then they ask where they can view my sketches.  I reply to them that I share several of my sketches via my Instagram account.

For years.... probably since Junior High School I have been keeping sketchbooks.  I think my mom has them all safely tucked away somewhere. 

But like many artists I keep a sketchbook so that when I feel a little inspired to doodle or draw I can whip it out and set my imagination loose.  Many times I will spend 5 to 10 minutes on a sketch simply to test a different style.  Sometimes these sketches end up being reproduced as graphics.... sometimes the sketches sit and I come back to them later and reproduce them.

What I sketch really depends on my mood or what I am being exposed to at that moment.  Every once in awhile an idea just pops into my head and I have to put it on to paper.

So as a thank you to all those who have inquired about my sketches, doodles, and drawings......  I proudly present a look into my world of doodles and sketches!


Feeling a little nostalgic for an 80s movie.... Spike from Gremlins.

Bette and Dot Tattler from American Horror Story Freak Show. A Sarah Paulson tribute for fans of the show.

Forget being a HIPSTER.... I will stick to being PREPPY!

Nintendo's Mario and Toad redesigned in a more of Brooklyn style.

Of course where you find Mario... you will find Luigi and Yoshi.

My Whippet, Roo, sometimes finds his way into my sketchbooks.

Having a sketchbook handy allows me to experiment with various styles.  Learning new techniques and trying out new looks keeps my ideas fresh and fun.

I remember I asked my wife one evening what I should draw... she said Tom Sawyer.  This was the result and I could actually see rendering him as a vector graphic in the future.

Sometimes a sketch or piece is simply a test.  I have been told that one can bring a Promarker back to life with a little alcohol.  My test proved you can... it also proved that adding too much alcohol to the pen can lead to the paper bulging in areas.  I think discovering the right amount would work, but too much... and you can slightly mess up a piece.

I remember sitting down one day to sketch and I saw the Beyond Tellerrand logo on something that was laying on my desk, so I decided to recreate the logo in my own personal style.
So I guess this is a tribute for Marc Thiele and Beyond Tellerrand!

A quasi Alice in Wonderland tribute.  I am currently working on a different Alice in Wonderland Tribute that will appear a project at some point in the future.

I am thinking about expanding the Bob's 'Merica project.  Meet Bob Zombie!

A quick message from Daffy Duck..... NEVER STOP CREATING & REMEMBER IT IS RABBIT SEASON!
Feel free to let me know which sketches you love!  This may influence me to take various sketches and turn them into graphics!  Plus, I love hearing from fans!

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