Sketchbook 2016 Vol. 3

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Sketchbook 2016 Volume 3
Illustration is a way to express one's creativity and having a sketchbook handy at all times allows you to really express yourself.

You never know what you may find in the pages of my sketchbooks.  The style varies on my mood and where I find my inspiration for a piece.  One day I could be sketching something that is photo realistic, another day I could be doodling a cartoon character.  I believe as an artist you have to continue to try out new styles.  Those who stick to one style will lose their audience after time.  Those who continually evolve, adapt and test new grounds will be the ones who succeed in the professional art world.

A sketchbook for me starts with an idea.  This idea may stay in the pages of the book, while other times it will be flourish into a full fledged graphic bursting with colors.  At times a sketch may even lay dormant for months and then I will decide to breath some extra life into it by bringing it in to the digital realm.  Whatever the case or outcome, sketching is something that I truly enjoy.

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