There are several digital art magazines out there that have monthly competitions.  On the first day of January 2013, I decided to submit an entry to one of these competitions.

The magazine provides its readers with four photographs, and then asks them to put their Photoshop skills to the test.

Because I just submitted an entry to the competition, I can not tell you the results as of yet.
I decided not to work with the Butterfly or the Japanese Garden.
These are the four photographs that the magazine supplied.  Right away I fell in love with the vintage Spanish sign.  It reminded me of the Dia de los Muertos photography series that I released in 2012.  I then decided that I would see if I could take the portrait of the model and then replicate the makeup via Photoshop. 

My first step was to create the white base make-up, which I wanted to have a natural applied makeup feel.  I then used the Pen Tool to create the details of the makeup.  I then created the rose on the chin using the Path, Gradient, and Burn Tools.  I used the same method to create the leaf as well. 

I made the eye makeup lighter so that one can see the details of the eye and eyebrows. 

Additionally I decided to red the models lips and retouch some areas.  I then darkened the models hair as well and tinted her eyes a nice shade of green.  Being not overly fond of the white shirt, I quickly changed it to red.

I decided to use a flower from a series of photographs I took in the Bahamas and made it more red.
After finishing this, I went to work on the sign.  I decided to place the sign in Adobe Illustrator and put it through Live Trace.  I then brought the sign back into Photoshop and straightened it out.  I then copied the letters to spell "Chica" and placed it in the corner of the sign.  After that I gave the sign some dramatic lighting.

My next step was to create the fog behind the model, which I did with a custom brush.  After that I created the text using a ten step procedure to make it look like it was on fire.

Finally, I began reviewing the image and decided that it needed one last thing.  I took an old picture I had of the moon and placed it behind the model's head. 

The final image has a book cover kind of feel to it.  You will have to imagine the book for yourself though!
This is the final image that I submitted.
A closer view of the makeup done completely in Adobe Photoshop.
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