Rock N Roll High School

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Rock N Roll High School
I truly enjoy finding locations, then coming up with creative ideas on how they can be used.  After going on an UrbEx photography expedition in an abandoned factory, I began to contemplate on how I could re-envision the space of the factory.  I came up with two ideas, one of which you will in this project and one that has yet to come to be worked on.
I contacted a colleague in the fashion industry, Colin Sinclair and pitched the idea of doing a large scale photo shoot in the factory.  Colin's curiosity was sparked and the next step was to take him on a location scout.  Upon arrival at the factory, he was amazed by at all the possibilities of what we could capture.
The models were chosen because they had the look of real women and not something you would see on the runway.  We had a production meeting with the models to choose the fashions they would be wearing and discuss the dangers of shooting in such a location.
My idea was to capture images that could have multiple uses: magazines, online, posters, hang-tags, postcards, stickers, and promotional advertisement.  I took my inspiration from the type of photos one would find in MUSE magazine and with a sense of the photography would find in American Apparel ads.
Because of the pre-production the shoot went quite smoothly.  We had a total of three models, an assistant, and I invited a second photographer to get additional coverage.  The factory was quite large, so we had three "company moves" through the day. 
I did the post processing on my Macbook Pro and a Wacom Cintiq Mobile Companion.  The editing was done in a way so that the images could be more versatile in use, thus there are different styles in the way the final images look.  In addition I did not want to do heavy editing on the models, since they embody real women I wanted them remain real in the eyes of the viewer.

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