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Promarker Series
I think it is good for a graphic designer to take a step back and go back to their roots.
Like most digital creatives I started out drawing and coloring by hand.   Later in life I discovered Photoshop, which unleashed a new realm of possibilities.  However... during the summer of 2013, I decided to take a step back and use a more traditional method of creating art.... by simply using my Pentel Quicker Clicker Pencil and some Promarkers.  The results turned out quite well, and I will be adding more traditional and less digital style of illustrations to my portfolio as time progresses, thus testing out new dynamics of the Promarkers.
The following illustrations were created on 5.5" x 5.5" sheets of paper.
One of the first pieces that I created.  I was limited on colors at that time, so I decided to keep the illustration quite basic.  I have since expanded my collection of colors and will continue adding more colors of Promarkers to my arsenal of art supplies.
My idea was to give the overall design some tweaks and change the colors in order to test the markers and delve into the shading of the skin in more detail.  I decided to make it a little more corporate by using a representation of a Starbucks cup.  I felt the colors of the clothing and hair complimented the brand, while the red lips and pink earrings allow you to focus more on the girl.
As I started diving deeper into the usage of the Promarkers, I decided to start working on a series of fairy tale characters.  Because these characters have usually have vibrant colors and personalities I thought this would be a great way to refresh my skills with using a more traditional art style.   Here I was still limited on colors, so I kept her hair white.  I could have easily went back and colored Red Riding Hood's hair, but decided that by doing so it would take away from the tone of the illustration.  I am quite happy with the decision, because it makes her character a little more vivid.
Here you can see that I have added more colors to my set of Promarkers.  So I was able to do more detail work with the clothing and hair of Alice.  Again, I wanted to create another fairy tale character because of the colorful personalities these great characters have.  I also decided to give her like little Red Riding Hood kind of a lost gaze.  I felt this made the characters seem like they had to accomplish a task, but no idea on how to do so.
Here you can see that I have added additional Promarkers to my collection, and have begun getting more detailed thus further testing my skills while refreshing them.  With every image I create I learn something new that I can bring into the next illustration.  Art is a constant process of experimenting and learning...  and any real artist will say that they are on a journey constantly developing and evolving.
With the character of Snow White I decided I did not what her to be the innocent little girl any more.  I wanted to show that she had grown into a strong woman.  Possibly the strong princess who keeps good and evil well balanced in her realm.  I took some time thinking about how I wanted to create her hair, and ultimately decided that I wanted to use fine black ink with white highlights, thus giving her some elegance to her character.
I am adding more and more Promarkers to my collection, so you will begin to see more colors and more detail in the pieces.  I am also getting back into the flow creating more detailed illustrations.  Every time I do a piece I get reacquainted with strokes I need to use to create various effects.  This is simply a case study, but it has been nice to step away from the computer to create art.
Just like Snow White, I wanted to create an older version of Goldilocks.  She still has that innocent look, yet she has power behind it.  I actually feel that the Fairy Tale characters in this series could work their way into a story line.  There is a good possibility that could happen.
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