Play It Loud & Play It Fierce
Fashion, art and music when combined form a fierce whirlwind of energy.  When these three elements fuse you create magic.
That is exactly what I did on this shoot with fashion designer Colin Sinclair.  We utilized an abandoned factory filled with graffiti as our backdrop.  Then instructed the models in some cases to find their inner music and release it via their emotions.  The result was a series beautiful photographs that would be used for the emerging brand Sinclair Wear.
The images you will see have been created so that they can be used in multiple ways: print, posters, hang tags, postcards, online media, etc.  Having imagery based on what one might find in MUSE magazine or by popular chains such as Urban Outfitters or American Apparel the photos bounce off the screen or page with real emotion.
Model: Sheraida A. Wellnitz
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