Poppelsdorf Cemetery
Bonn, Germany
Before moving to Germany with my wife, we visited Germany several times.  On my second visit, we drove past a cemetery and I asked her what the differences was between an American and a German cemetery.  She then asked if I would like to check one out.  I of course knew that this would be a perfect chance for me to take some photographs, so I jumped at the opportunity. 

I have since learned that there is quite a difference between American and German cemeteries.  It seems that German cemeteries are very well kept.  I do not tend to visit cemeteries that often, but it was interesting to see the differences.
When I saw the cross with the brightly colored tree behind it, I knew I had to take a photo. I also knew that when I got home I would put the image into Photoshop and turn it into a black & white photo, while leaving the brightly colored tree.  I still want to tweak this picture some more, but you will have to wait to see the finished project.  Below you find the original picture.
The original photograph before manipulating it in Photoshop.
The final edit of the Burning Bush Photograph.
KLEIN ENGEL (Little Angel)
Isn't this a creepy place...  One of the older mausoleums in the cemetery.   I would not want to be near this place at night.
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