Petrifaction of Fashion

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Petrifaction of Fashion
This series of images personifies the petrifaction of fashion.  Only a select few of designers will be remembered for their contributions to the fashion industry.  Thus, I wanted to portray the idea that fashion can endure time.  However, instead of featuring various designers I wanted to share images of unclothed figures that have been forgotten.  Which designers will stand the test of time?
Also the presence of figures having stone like qualities versus real models is quite interesting.  I could imagine doing a similar shoot where I have one model whose body is completely painted to compliment the figures.  In fact, if an agency would like to sponsor this sort of test shoot I would be interested in doing it for a brand.
Surprisingly this is one of my projects that was merely happenstance.  Being in the right place at the right time in New York City.  The series of images was shot prior to moving to Germany.
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