Penny Dreadful - Victor Frankenstein

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Penny Dreadful -Victor Frankenstein
Having illustrated Vanessa Ives from Penny Dreadful, two days later I felt the desire to bring Dr. Victor Frankenstein to life.  Played by Harry Treadaway, I felt this character could be quite interesting to illustrate.  I decided to keep this illustration in the same style that I did for Eva Green's character Vanessa Ives.

What was important about portraying this character was his eyes.  In the show they use quite a bit of purple and pink makeup around the eyes.  I used my Promarkers to achieve this look.  I also wanted to add some color to his lips.  Nothing over the top, because I did not want it to appear to be lipstick, but I wanted the illustration to appear as I view this character.  A man who is intelligent and tends to work diligently until the early hours of the morning.  Also I think, since he came from higher class and now lives a more desolate lifestyle full of stress... his eyes had to have this overworked and slightly unhealthy look.  
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