Orange Is The New Black - Season 3

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Orange Is The New Black - Season 3
I was inspired to do a tribute to Orange Is The New Black.  The idea was to create something unique based on the 3rd Season of the show.  I decided to feature Piper, who is played by Taylor Schilling.
I new I wanted to create Piper in Adobe Illustrator and give her somewhat of a watercolor feel.  I thought it would be humorous to feature the pink Whispers panties as the background since they play a large role in this particular season.
Piper's line art created in Adobe Illustrator.
The actual vectors used to create Piper.
The neon pink panties from Whispers.
If you are a fan of the show... you will be happy to know you are able to buy this .jpg slightly used (joking). 
The background filled by the Litchfield Penitentiary Panty Mafia.
Thanks ladies.... (again a joke for the fans).
The final piece featuring Piper Chapman.
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