Official Adobe Animate CC Sample

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Official Adobe Animate CC Sample
In the Spring of 2016, I was approached by two fellow Adobe Influencers, Daniel Connerath and Simon  Widaja (who hosted workshops at Adobe Max in 2017).  They told me that they really enjoyed the characters that I have designed and asked if I would be interested in creating an official sample for Adobe Animate CC.

The sample would be entitled "Bringing Characters To Life" and would be promoted by Adobe as the Tour de Animate site is sponsored by Adobe US.

We decided to utilize my hipster character and place him in an art gallery.  The art gallery would serve as place to showcase the different types of characters that could be animated with Animate CC. 

Not only was I reasonable for creating a version of my hipster character that could be animated, but also for creating the assets for the art gallery itself.  I went on to also create the statue of the ballerina as well.

My sample was officially launched in January 2017!  It was an honor to work on yet another official project for Adobe!

The sample is free to download and experiment on the Tour de Animate site.  If you download the sample, I would really enjoy seeing how you utilize it!

Here you can listen to Daniel talk about the sample and how it is composed.  Not sure why he decided to call my character Joey.... it actually made me laugh.  But Joey is not his name.
Here you can see screen shots of the Tour de Animate site.
The characters that I created for the sample.
I really enjoyed creating the main characters and assets for the sample.
The art gallery that I designed to be used for the sample.
In the opening scene you actually some of my other artwork hanging on the gallery walls.
Adobe Animate CC is really a fun tool to use and you can export your creations in a variety of ways!
Click HERE to visit the Tour de Animate site and download the sample today!
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