Not Your Average Princess Digital Vol. 1

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Not Your Average Princess Digital Vol. 1
Sometimes, I will take a traditional illustration and translate it into the digital realm.  Thus, developing the concept further and bringing it to life.

Earlier this year, I worked on a series of illustrations based on Disney Princesses.  I decided I wanted to give them each a little more attitude with a modern Rock & Roll vibe.  I believed it was important to start out with one the most iconic Disney Princesses.... Snow White. 

The original version was black and white, with only a little of color added to the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt.  I also painted a gold trim around the original illustration to make it more intriguing visually.  To make the series more unique I placed a bottle of perfume in each of the princesses's hands.  Snow White's infamous apple was replaced by a bottle of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb.  In the colorization process, her hair became purple, as it gave the digital image more of a bang!

The idea was to translate the image using Adobe Illustrator and breathe more life into her by giving her more color and depth.  Recreating her digitally allowed me to do just that.

Update:  This project was submitted to the CGTrader Digital Art Competition.  It is also the second project of mine that CGTrader has featured via their social channels.  To view the feature on Pinterest click HERE.
UPDATE: This has been mentioned as one of the top 19 submissions to the CG Trader Digtal Art Compettion!
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