Nike Air Jordan

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Nike Air Jordan
I decided I wanted to do start doing some artwork based on shoes.... both realistic and not so realistic.  I decided to tackle the idea of creating a realistic looking Nike Air Jordan Shoe based on a photo.  There were different approaches that I could have took, but I decide to give it a chalky texture.
For the next shoe design however, I will do something that is less realistic that comes more from my imagination.  However, I felt this would be a good introduction to creating something new for my portfolio.

Using Adobe Illustrator I created the vectors that would be used to form the shoe.
The vector of the Nike shoe was then placed into Adobe Photoshop.  I decided that I did not want the lines to be one color, so I used a gradient to fade the lines from a light grey to black.
Finally the shoe was given its textures, which made it more defined.  What I also like about this illustration is that it almost has a graffiti feel to it.  Thus, making it more hip or trendy.  If I would have chosen flat colors it would have been boring.  This dynamic gives the shoe a more street feel.  Let's face it many youths start playing basketball on street courts, so this is a tribute to the young kids that dream of one day going pro.
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