McDonald's - Mayor McCheese

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McDonald's - Mayor McCheese
I really enjoy recreating classic characters, but normally from vintage cartoons.  However, I thought I would do something different this time.  McDonald's has had a variety of characters over the years and I decided that it could be quite interesting to do an illustration of Mayor McCheese one day in my sketchbook.
I think a year or even longer passed and I was flipping through my old sketchbooks when I cam across the illustration.  A moment of inspiration hit me and I decided to import the illustration into Adobe Illustrator and create the line art using a Wacom Cintiq.  I was happy with the line art and decided to let it sit for a rainy day so to speak.  Later after returning the Cintiq (which was on loan to me from Wacom), I felt it was time to come back to the line art and turn it into a graphic.  Using my MacBook Pro, I completed the graphic of the Mayor of McDonaldland. 
This is one of the Mayor McCheese costumes used in commercials for McDonald's.
This was the original sketch that I created in 2013.
Here you can see the paths that were created in Adobe Illustrator to create the illustration.
The final version actually looks like something that McDonald's would print on a Happy Meal Box or as promotional art.
I hope that this project brought back some childhood memories.  Thanks for viewing!

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