Marketing Research Animation

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Marketing Research Animation
The following animation was created for a client that would be utilized for internal marketing research.  The idea was to create a video similar to the style of those seen in the popular whiteboard animations that could be played for potential customers and partners (B2C and B2B).  The animation explains the benefits of how home sensors can be connected to devices such as an Apple Watch or iPhone.

I designed the characters and assets in Adobe Illustrator using a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2.  The client provided me with a daft of the script and the German voice-over.  I synced the animation directly to the voice-over, as I was not provided time code for the voice-over.  This was completed using Adobe Animate CC.  There was a rush on the production and everything was completed in roughly six days, which is not the norm. 

You will notice that I integrated some assets that were created for the Hackathon and Wacom Coffee Shop Girl projects.  This helped save some time during the creation phase.

Voice-Over Actor - Stefan Job (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Here you can see the evolution of Nicole.  She changed dramatically in six steps before being finally approved.
Assets were created to match images the client wanted.  The client did have me change the background of the cell phone in the beginning of the video and for that specific cell phone... I did not create the background.
For many scenes I was able to reuse some assets.  However, additional assets were needed.  The great thing about creating new assets is that I can add them to my library of items that I can reuse in other projects.  Since they are vector graphics they can easily be altered.
Several times during the animation process, I was asked by the client to create more assets.  This included buttons and other items to keep the flow of a scene moving.  This also helped avoid awkward pauses where nothing was happening.
Some assets that were created were not used, such as the gauge for the radiator.  While other assets were restyled, for example... it was decided later that the window needed to open and close.
Several symbols were created for this animation, many were not used in the final version.  Also various things were made so that they could be animated.  For example both houses had the ability for garage doors to open and close.
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