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The Influencer
In the spring of 2019, I received a surprise email from the Lürzer's Archive.  I had won a full page in the German version of their magazine that I could use to promote myself and my work.  Naturally, I was very excited.

I began working on several ideas and finally decided on one.  In today's world, social media and influencer marketing plays a big role in how consumer views brands.  Because of this, I decided to create an illustration that encompassed the various social platforms in a manner that was fun yet seductive.

To take the idea one step further, I opted to give the girl in the illustration of a snake tattoo.  This is a reference to the snake in the story of Adam and Eve, and how the snake enticed them to try the forbidden fruit. 

Additionally, I needed to promote my skills in marketing, public relations, community development, content creation and graphic design. 

To buy a copy visit Amazon.
The German version uses 'Archiv' instead of 'Archive'.  This issue will be available in stores in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as well as online.
The image appears in the beginning of the magazine next to the table of contents.
The graphic was created using Adobe Illustrator on my Wacom MobileStudio Pro.  No other vector graphics software out there can manage the number of layers and clipping masks that I used to create this design.
Drawing directly on the screen of my device give me more freedom to create various types of illustrations.  The Wacom MobileStudio Pro really allows me to get in there and create a highly detailed design.
As you can see I created several paths, too many to count.  Thus, it was important to name each layer so that I would be able to easily go back and adjust them as needed or create new layers between existing layers.
Working with the outline was also crucial.  For example, when a straw is in a plastic cup or glass bottle the image is slightly refracted giving it a slightly broken appearance.  In the outline mode, I was able to nudge the parts of the straw around to create the illusion that we normally see when a straw is in cups like this.
The final image minus the promotional tag that I used for the print version.
What I love about working with vector graphics is that one can easily create variants. So for my Redbubble, TeePublic and Society6 online shops... I decided to create a variant version of the design with orange line art and different colors.
email: kshinabery212@gmail.com
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