Luis Guggenberger from Trixter for Wacom

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Luis Guggenberger
from Trixter for Wacom
In 2014, I began writing articles for the Wacom Info Channel.  After having written several articles Wacom asked that I change the structure of my articles for 2015.  The articles would deviate from the traditional question and answers style interviews to that of an article with a story arch.
Wacom has allowed me freedom to choose my topics and I wanted to do something spectacular for 2015!  I decided to write a feature on Visual FX Art Director Luis Guggenberger, who works for Trixter in Munich.
Luis and Trixter have worked on several MARVEL films and I thought it would be brilliant to feature them because of the upcoming release of Avengers Age of Ultron. 
For my articles I usually include the following: the text (of course), sized photos, notes, a photo placement guide, a caption guide and other items that help may help Wacom set up the article.  However, Wacom asked me if I would like to illustrate the articles.  I of course agreed and started thinking how I could accomplish this task.
I decided that illustrating my subjects would be a interesting way to share my creative side with my the Wacom followers.   I proposed that I do this and by utilizing the colors from the Wacom logo, so that the images are branded towards Wacom.  My only restriction was that I could only use two colors from the Wacom Logo.
While interviewing Luis, I asked him to provide a picture and he did so.  Then I began creating the illustration using Adobe Illustrator, so that it could be scaled to various sizes and easily changed.
When finished I provided Wacom with the original Adobe Illustrator file and various ways to use the image to promote the article via social media.
You can read the article by clicking here.
I asked Luis to provide me a basic photo of himself to work from.  It needed to be against a white background.
Luis was kind enough to send me this photo taken with his cell phone.
The original image that I created of Luis using Adobe Illustrator was too complex.  So I made some adjustments.  But this image shows the vectors I created to create the image.
The final image of Luis.  I removed some of the texture elements that were originally on his skin.  In the images created for the article his belt was cropped off, so the yellow was no longer seen.  Thus leaving two colors from the Wacom logo plus various greys and black.
How the final graphic appears on the Wacom Info Channel.
How the image looks on the article.  But in order to read the article you have to click HERE!
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