Low Poly Roo

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Low Poly Roo
Creating low poly graphics has become quite trendy.  Thus, I decided to create my first low poly graphic.  I am firm believer that just because something is not found in one's portfolio does not mean they can not do it.  Most illustrators and art directors should be able to create artwork in several different styles... or at least not be afraid to try out new style of art.
Most people tend to create low poly illustrations using image they find online....  Animals such as bears, wolves and foxes have become quite popular for people to use.  Sometimes artists also do images of friends, family or celebrities.  Since I am also a photographer, I wanted to use my own imagery to create the design.
Those who know me, probably know that I am a proud of owner of a Whippet named Roo.  He has attended some of the conferences that I have spoken at, and has created quite a following.  I could not think of a more prefect subject... plus creating art based on Roo makes my wife happy!
So, I found a photo of Roo that I took in Bonn, Germany and loaded it into Adobe Illustrator.  Now I have never looked at a tutorial on low poly art, so I quickly found out that it would be impossible to create all the pieces in one layers.  Thus, I decided to create some shapes in the first layer.... then more in a second layer under the first layer... then more in the third layer under the second layer..... I continued to repeat this until I was done with the image.  Needless to say several layers were created to achieve the look of this graphic.
Here is the photograph of Roo taken in the park in Bonn.  He was not even a year old at this time.  But he is a cute little devil, right?
This is a screen capture of layer one, two and three.  It is a process creating this type of graphic.  The more intricate the pieces the more layers will be needed to achieve the look desired.
In this image you can see all the individual paths created to form Roo.
Here is a closeup of final version of Roo.  You can tell I am sucker when he gives me puppy dog eyes... 
The final version of Roo!
Thanks for viewing and remember to treat animals with love and care!
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