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Discovering forgotten places via Urban Exploration for me is like unearthing a "Lost Playground."  What was once a space utilized for the production of consumer goods,  has since become a wasteland.  While exploring the caverns of a building one can find the artwork of others who previously passed through the dark passageways and corridors.
On a recent excursion with a friend, I was able to take several photos using natural light that illuminated the halls of the once bustling factory.  Now desolate, this work space takes on new characteristics that only few adventurous souls dare to see.  I hope that you as a viewer enjoy this visual journey through my "Lost Playground."
**Please Note:  That I do not encourage nor promote exploring abandoned buildings or places.
**If anyone knows the names of the artists whose work I photographed, please send me an email and I will add a caption to the photo.
**Prints are available upon request!
UPDATE: This project has since been featured on the Urbex Playground Website.  Click the following link to view the feature....   http://www.urbexplayground.com/photographers/1850/Kenneth%20Shinabery
**Prints available upon request.
email:  kshinabery212@gmail.com
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