Lost Passage Ways: Doors & Hallways 4

Urban exploration is an exciting way to revisit places that were once grandiose, magnificent, and majestic.  With a little imagination one can use the mind's eye to envision these rotten locations in their hay day.

However... urban exploring is dangerous.  One needs to be careful where he or she steps.  It is also important to use common sense and not try to walk around areas that look dangerous.  It is wise to do these expeditions with a friend or someone you trust in case of an emergency.

As much as I love graffiti, it is also amazing to discover the untouched locations that still have furniture.  I urge anyone who happens to get lucky by finding such a place to only take pictures.... please do not do damage to the building if it still holds its treasures.  The motto of all UrbExers should be... TAKE PHOTOS, LEAVE FOOTPRINTS!  Leave the place as is for the next person to discover!

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