I'll Be Waiting By The Stage Door
This series for Sinclair Wear is dedicated to all the faithful groupie's and fans who follow their favorite bands around the world.

Creating a series of images that picture our favorite groupie waiting for her band to exit the stage door.  The graffiti covered alley by the loading dock a few feet from the tour bus! She wants to score the autograph by the lead singer as he exits after the show.  Or will she be to shy to ask?  Regardless if she is able to get the autograph or not she knows she was the most fashionable chic at the show!

Combining Fashion Photography, UrbEx Photography, and Graffiti bring this scene to life.  The idea was to create images that could have multiple uses: print, posters, postcards, flyers, hang tags, and for online.  Each image is a stand alone piece that can be used for various types of promotion.

I also decided to give the black and white images in this series vintage wash feel.  That aged look brings forth this vintage rock feel.

email: kshinabery212@gmail.com

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