Ich Vespa Berlin
The concept for this Ad is based on the I HEART NY slogan.  The idea is then translated into various languages using VESPA.  At the time that this was created, I decided to use the city Berlin as the main graphic.  However, at the time I had no idea that I would be moving to Germany.
This concept can be used for any city, and not only promotes Vespa.... but tourism as well.  It is also used to invoke a sense of pride of the featured country's heritage.

This ad can be taken one step farther and be animated... the girl can be driving through various cities.  As she passes through a city the slogan for the city can appear as well.  Or another person could pass and her, which would lead into the next city.  Then another person passes and that then leads into the next city, etc.
Here we can see the ad's main character riding past the Brandenburger Tor, the World Clock, the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche, the Fernsehturm, Reichstag, and the Victory Column (Siegessäule).
I wanted to give the character similar feel as Esurance's Erin.  Except I wanted to make her a little more hip and stylish looking.

Additional Characters Possibilities:
NYC Hipster
Italian Soccer Player totting soccer balls on the back
Chinese DJ
Trendy English Girl
Japanese Girl
Los Angeles Actor/Actress
Girl from Madrid

Each scooter would be colored so it best represents the city or country it is passing through.

The possibilities are rather endless, but each character would represent their country and cities customs and fashion.

Branding the other cities would be fun and interesting.  Having a color change as the character or characters pass through each city would be visually eye catching. 

Each city would then have their own logo..... based on the "I VESPA (location)."
Io Vespa Roma....

The second character in the spec ad campaign for Vespa.

The Italian character is passing by the Pantheon, Michalangelo's Moses statue, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, and the Tarjan's Tower.
Each character and his/her scooter will represent the city that he/she is from.

Here we can see the Italian character wearing a soccer Jersey and toting a bag of soccer balls.  His bike also has the Italian flag incorporated on it.
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