I Create My Own Trends
Personal fashion is an expression of one's inner self.  The way we dress reflects many times who we are who we want to be.  Whether we choose to follow trends or create our own, it is important to be true to who we are.

With the fashion photography that I created for Sinclair Wear the idea was to capture this hip cool style in a visual way that would be appealing to the viewer.

The images for each project were created to be stand alone images that could serve a variety of uses, including but not limited to: print, posters, postcards, hang tags, mail outs, web, and social media.

Thus every image you see has the ability to be shown separately and seen in various forms.

Taking inspiration from Marc Ecko and images that can be found in such fashion magazines as MUSE, I set out to create a series of visually explosive photos showcasing the designs of Colin Sinclair.  Combining Urban Exploration, Fashion, Graffiti, and Rock & Roll I was able to accomplish the task that I set for the label.

email: kshinabery212@gmail.com

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