I Am Iron Man
With the release of Avengers Age of Ultron, I decided that I wanted to work on a tribute piece.  Except I wanted to recreate everyone's favorite millionaire Tony Stark in my own unique vision.

I deliberated over this for a little while and PAISLEY popped into my mind.  After pondering over paisley patterns for a moment or two, I thought it might be interesting to interrupt Iron Man's armor in various patterns.  With my trusty Pentel Quicker Clicker mechanical pencil in hand and a large piece of sketchbook paper sitting in front of me I began to draw the outline of this popular Marvel character.

Once the pencil sketch was complete I utilized Staedtler fine liners to create the basic shapes.  The next stage was adding the patterns to the various pieces of armor.  Once I had the patterns in place, I could finally start to add color to the armor.  I did this by using various Promarkers and colored Stabilo pens. 

The overall goal was to create a final piece that still had a very sketch like feel to it.  This is something that I really enjoy right now when it comes to creating an image.

I was going to leave the skin tone completely white and decided to add some highlights with an Ivory Promarker.  This is where an issue began.  Suddenly in spots the Ivory Promarker began leaving NEON PINK spots.  I have never run into this problem with Promarkers before.  I had already spent so much time working on the armor that I could not completely trash the image.  So I added more shading to Stark's face.  This was not my original intention and I did my best to cover up these NEON PINK marks.  It worked to some extent, however on the original image it looks as if he has NEON PINK bruises.  Ok, not much I can do about that.  With Photoshop I can easily retouch these stray marks, however they are apparent in the original illustration.  Needless to say even if the artist does not make a mistake sometimes the instruments of creation can be faulty.  If this does happen to a piece of artwork that you have been working on for hours my only advice is to move forward...  And continue to work on the piece.  This is the second time I have had a faulty Promarker, maybe I will try another brand.

I started at the top of the head as usual... and this is where the NEON PINK began to appear.

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