He-Man Test Animation
This test animation was done earlier in the spring of 2016.  I needed to continue experimenting with Adobe Animate CC.  It is now August and since then I have created a full 2 1/2 minute animation for a client.  The company required an animation completely synced to a German voice-over.  Unfortunately I can not share that video for at least another 30 days or so.  But at least one can view some of the test animations.

I think Adobe Animate CC is a great tool.  There are a lot of layers to it and you can create a wide variety of things.  Animations.... games.... html5 content..... and the list goes on.  Right now there are not that many tutorials for it.  But I do believe it is worth learning, because you never know when a client will ask for an animation.

So why He-Man?  I guess I was having a nostalgic moment.  Of course my first test featured Marty McFly.... so it is a nice trend to continue.  The characters were created in Adobe Illustrator and kept in a very simple style.

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