Grape Fanta
For this project inspired by the Fanta Girls, I wanted to create an illustration that had a very 1970s feel to it.  A vintage style portrait with flowing and layered hair.

I knew that I wanted to utilize the color purple.  Cassis Fanta from the Netherlands was my first thought, however I decided to go with the classic Grape Fanta.  Because this flavor is common in several areas of the world, it seemed the right direction to go.

The following images follow the project in steps so that you can view the progression of the illustration.

**Fanta Flavor Reference Link...

The first step was to create a skin tone, which was then followed by creating the color for the lips.
Utilizing a series of four purple Letraset Promarkers I was able to create the strands of hair.
Once a section of hair was completed I switched to the other side of the portrait, so that the last section could dry.
I decided to keep the highlights minimal, but felt they were necessary to make her hair look more lustrous.
Since I was in seventh grade I have been sketching with Pentel's Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil. 
As each section was completed the illustration became more vibrant.
I decided to wait on choosing the color for the eyes and the earrings until the very end.  I wanted to get a feel for the illustration, because I felt that these elements would finalize the piece.
As the illustration progressed, the volume of the hair really became apparent.  With each section that was completed, the more bounce and flow began to appear.
I was really happy with the completed look of the hair.  I then made my decision to use green for the eyes.  My primary reasoning behind this was because the the Grape Fanta logo incorporates a green leaf.  The usage of green for the eyes would compliment the leaf.  I also felt that because of this I did not want the earrings to overpower the image, so I decided to go with a grey.  This way the would not become a focal point.  Keeping them neutral was the best way to go.
As you can see my color choices for the eyes and the earring complement the Grape Fanta logo which makes the piece more cohesive.
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