GOTHAM: Oswald Cobblepot

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Gotham: Oswald Cobblepot
I have been reading comic books since I was very young, granted as I got older I stopped buying them as often.  And now that I am living in Germany I never buy them.  I still pick them up from time to time simply to look at the art and skim the story before setting them back down at the book store. 
However, my curiosity was sparked when I heard that they were filming Gotham.  I started watching it and I enjoyed the storyline...  The characters may not be the best in all respects, but I do admit that I really enjoy Robin Lord Taylor's portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot (aka the Penguin).  I have to say that I can really picture him developing into the master criminal of the DC Universe.
With that being said I have been meaning to sit down and do a sketch of the Penguin.  So late last night I started and could not stop until I was finished.  I think I want to do a couple more test sketches in different styles to see which I like the best, but I am really happy with the outcome of this sketch.  Many of my sketches end up on Instagram  ( @KENNSHINABERY ) and do not get moved over to the portfolio side of things, however I felt that this sketch deserved being placed in my portfolio simply to showcase that I not only love digital illustration and photography, but I also really enjoy creating traditional art.  I think it is important for an artist to be able to create both digital and traditional art.  Being skilled in both realms really is quite a blessing.
One thing you can note... is that I utilize a Pentel Quicker Clicker Mechanical Pencil to draw.  In fact, this is my "go-to" pencil for creating art.  I started using it upon recommendation of my 7th grade art instructor.  The only issue is that is really rare to find Pentel products in Germany.  To obtain these pencils, I had to have a friend at a military base pick me up a couple.  I am not quite sure the reasoning why Pentel is scarce in Germany, because they do have offices here.  I have noticed that the top brands here do not hold the lead as good.  When they start to run out the lead retracts into the pencil, but this does not happen with the Pentel Quicker Clicker.  So if you ever want to do something nice for me, simply buy me one of these pencils.
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