FunkoPop: Fortnite Brite Bomber
For this project I used an iPad to recreate the Fornite Brite Bomber FunkoPop.  

This is the first FunkoPop that I created using an iPad, thus it took me a little time to create.  Not to mention I think I chose a FunkoPop with a lot of details to recreate.

I do admit that I play Epic Games' Fortnite on my PS4 every now and then.  Plus with E3, happening soon I wanted to create some artwork based on a poplar video game.  Thus, I started looking at various Fortnite skins and decided the Brite Bomber would be a lot of fun to create as vector graphic.

Here is what the final illustration looks like.  I decided to add the storm as well as the Fortnite logo!
Here you can see the various paths that I used for this design.
I decided to create the artwork for the t-shirt logo in a separate document and then group it together.  Next I simply copied and pasted the graphic into the document with the FunkoPop.
Here is another screen capture taken on my iPad.  For me it is important to share a little bit of the process that I used to create this FunkoPop.

I decided to share the design on LinkedIn at the start of E3.  You can click here to view the special E3 Expo post by clicking HERE.

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