Factory Campus: Social Media Content

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Factory Campus: Social Media Content
This project was created for Factory Campus, which is innovation hub and co-working space located in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

I worked with Ralf Neuhäuser to turn him in a digital character that could give virtual tours of Factory Campus in a series of short animated clips.

The idea was to show StartUps, comapnies and brands that they are not limited to static images and video but that they bring characters and mascots to life via dynamic animations.

Step 1
Illustrating Ralf.

Ralf is a naturally friendly and charismatic person as well as fun-loving.  Thus the design of the digital puppet needed to showcase these qualities.  The digital version did not deviate too far from the original sketch.
Step 2
Bringing Ralf into the Digital World!
Using a Wacom MobileStudio Pro and Adobe Illustrator, I began translating the sketch into a digital version of Ralf.
Layer order and labeling is probably the most important things to keep in mind when creating a digital puppet in Adobe Illustrator.
Here you see the digital version of Ralf along with his iconic tattoo.
Step 3
Breathing Life into Ralf!

The AI file was then imported into Adobe Character Animator along with some images from Factory Campus that we took.  After the rigging was done, it was time to do test animations in both German and English to make sure everything worked properly.
Here you can see Ralf recording his lines as well as his facial expressions for the animations.
Step 4
Creating the Final Content.

The next phase was creating three 50 second videos that could be utilized on social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and possibly LinkedIn.
To learn more about Factory Campus then click HERE.

And of course to connect with the real Ralf Neuhäuser the visit him on LinkedIn by clicking HERE.
email: kshinabery212@gmail.com
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