Endangered Variant Edition
Awhile ago as a thank you to Marc Thiele from the Beyond Tellerrand conference for giving me a Dribbble invite, I recreated my famous "Endangered" Tiger in Pink.  The new edition of my favorite striped cat became my first post on Dribbble.

It was quite easy to change the tiger because it was created in Adobe Illustrator out of vectors.  After seeing the tiger in pink I wondered what it would look like in electric neon colors.  So I reproduced the tiger once again in another bright variant. 

The Tiger design has went on to serve in other ways.  It became my icon for the Adobe New Creatives Campaign and I love featuring this icon at the end of the keynote speeches that I give where I show my contact information.

I have since added these big cats to my Society 6 online shop where one can purchase them as shirts, cell phone cases, bags, pillows and other items.

Now you can have your own tiger by clicking the following link.

The original wild cat.

My Dribbble thank you to Marc!

Even in Pink he looks pretty fierce!

The Electric variant.

The Ultimate Endangered Variant combining all the different tigers.

The Big Cat found his home on my Society 6 online shop!
If you order a product from my store send me an email with a photo of you with the item, because I will be adding a fan page to my portfolio soon!

email: kshinabery212@gmail.com

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