Red New York:
A Coca-Cola Ad Campaign

Red New York is a spec ad campaign that I created originally for New York City. The ad series allows the consumer to visualize New York City as a part of a harmonic Coca-Cola world.

Red New York creates this harmonious Coca-Cola society through its cast of characters’ wardrobe. Their outfits match the colors of the Coca-Cola products they are holding, such as: Coca-Cola, Cherry Coke, Coke Zero, Coca-Cola Cherry Zero, Diet Coke and Sprite.

A Red World...
The advantage of the Red New York Campaign is that it does not have to be limited to New York City. Other versions of the campaign can be created for other cities around the U.S. and the world, such as: San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Mexico City, Sydney, Hong Kong, Berlin, etc.

Bringing Red New York to Life...
Another great thing about the Red New York Campaign is that it can be transformed into a video or a commercial format. The campaign then can air on television, online, or in theaters before the start of the movie. Thus, the application of the campaign is not limited to print.

Picture This...
A young man (wearing red) leaves his apartment while holding a bottle of Coca-Cola. As he walks along the street, he passes various people going about their daily routine. As he strolls by them, their outfits change to a color corresponding to the Coca-Cola product they are enjoying. These people could be mothers and daughters shopping, business people going to work, construction workers, street vendors, police officers on patrol, or even cab drivers, etc.

Swirls of animated Coca-Cola bottles and flares similar to the ones seen in the images below could appear behind these people as they are transformed. In the background you hear music playing “I would like to buy the world a Coke…” As the young man continues to stroll down the street the camera zooms up and out, showing the city turning slightly red. The view continues to zoom out revealing that the city is actually part of a Coca-Cola bottle.

The Project...
For this project I took on several key roles. I was the Creative Director on the Red New York Campaign. As the Casting Director, I selected various models to be my Coca-Cola Girls. I was fortunate enough to cast burlesque models in these roles. Their presence added a certain spark to the shoot. A total of twenty-three people were selected to appear in the project. After the casting process was completed I began working on wardrobe approvals. Also during the course of the project I was scouting for the perfect location. I chose the corner of Bleecker Street and Lafayette, which has a quintessential New York flavor.

On the day of the shoot I took on the roles of Director, Art Director, and Photographer. I hired Elsie Nwankwo to be my 1st Assistant Director. Principal photography was completed in two hours.

After the shoot I assumed the role of Photo Editor. This included selecting the images, retouching the photographs in Photoshop, and creating additional graphics using Illustrator. The elements and text that I generated were then married into the final images.

The spec ad series that appears below is meant to appear as stand-alone pieces that could be placed in various locations around the city. These places could include: billboards, subway ads, bus stops, magazines, etc. The ideas behind these images could be turned into a commercial or video format stated above.

My years of industry experience, coupled with this recent project, prove that I would be a valuable asset to have on any team. Not only do I have the ability to work well on a team, but also I can use my arsenal of skills as a driving force to bring a project such as Red New York into fruition.

Elsie Nwankwo
                            -    1st Assistant Director
Julia Shinabery                                     
-     Talent / Assistant
Ben Lu                                                   
-     Talent / Behind the Scenes Photographer
Keet Davis                                             
-     Talent / Featured Model
Minnie d'Moocha
                          -     Talent / Featured Model
Hazel Honeysuckle                              
-     Talent / Featured Model
Danielle Lowe (aka Murder Nurse)       -     Talent / Featured Model
Stacy Farrell (aka Devil Kitten)              -     Talent / Featured Model
Steve Lloyd                                           
-     Talent / Featured Model
Judy Bolton                                           
-     Talent
George Lathom                                     
-     Talent 
Sebastian Gross
                            -     Talent
Sharon Wong                                         
-     Talent
Matthias Kaeb
Gabrielle Heller                                       -     Talent
Maxine Recht                                          
-   Talent
Jennifer Schoenfeld                               
-    Talent
Rebecca Merle                                       
-     Talent
Cyril Merle                                              
-     Talent
Steve Carter                                           
-    Talent
Saul Lurzeus                                           
-     Talent
Jessa Grace
                                             -     Talent

The making of Red NY:
A peek behind the scenes

Behind the scenes photo: Courtesy of Ben Lu
Behind the scenes photo: Courtesy of Ben Lu
Behind the scenes photo: Courtesy of Ben Lu
Behind the scenes photo: Courtesy of Ben Lu

The Cast


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