I enjoy re-envisioning classic cartoon characters.  Whether it is to pay homage to a childhood favorite or simply to test how the character would look in a different style, I feel that this allows me to put my character design skills to the test.  This is something I really enjoyed doing while working at Nickelodeon.

So if you loved the oldschool Saturday Morning Cartoons than stay tuned.  I promise you are in store for some clever surprises!
This is one my latest works in this series and was created in 2013.  I decided that I wanted to modernize Sheriff Ricochet Rabbit and his trusted sidekick Droop-A-Long.   I feel the new looks gives Ricochet a more serious feel and thus his character would be a little less dopey acting.  I did pay homage to the "PING PING PING" sound of his jumps by including that in the picture.  Drroop-A-Long stays fairly true to the original Hanna Barbera design. 
I also decided to add dust to the spots where Ricochet has jumped along with a light motion blur.
I did not want to change Huckleberry Hound too much.  I felt he needed a newer crisper feel.  He still has that same good old southern charm and knows how to serenade his beautiful Clementine. 
I wish I could say that I took the photo of the house, but I did not.  I did however... brighten the colors, change the clouds, and add flowers to the bushes. 
I could picture him standing outside of a southern plantation, singing his favorite song, and trying to win the heart of beautiful southern belle.
Here I wanted to recreate him in a style similar to that of the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Comics.  I then decided to give the piece a Kill Bill kind of look. 
This was one of the first revamps that I ever did.  Eventually I may go back and reimagine him a little more.  But I want to keep this in my portfolio because it demonstrates how my work has changed over the years.
I wanted to present Fred's little buddy in that same campy style, however I updated him a little more.  He still has that slow look as if he does not catch on to things or ideas too quickly.  He still follows Fred's lead no matter what kind of trouble it may get him into.
As for the house....  well I wanted to look cartoon-like, but still be able to be situated on a real background.  It actually consists of two boulders.  The roof was simply trimmed down and then burned around the edges.  The retro TV antenna pays homage to the original houses of Bedrock.  The wooden door has some color, and the leopard print curtains hanging in the window also give it a more stone-age look.
This is one of my older revisions featuring everybody's favorite Jellystone inhabitant... Yogi Bear.  Except this time he is enjoying a newly snatched picnic basket in Central Park.
I wanted to give him a more animal look, yet keep him in that campy cartoon style.  He does not know that stealing picnic baskets is wrong, he is just a hungry bear trying to survive in NYC!
I wanted to recreate one of the villains from Scooby Doo.  I decided to go with the Witch Doctor.
I wanted to give him a little more of a menacing look, but yet still have that campy feel.
I wanted to stay true to the original concept.  A big furry caveman that makes no sense when he talks.... UNGA BUNGA!!! 
He still has his trusty club full of fun gadgets as well.
The idea behind this photo:  The iceage hit Bedrock and the inhabitants were frozen.  Millions of years later, scientists discover him and thaw him out.  Now he is flying around the world trying to find his place in society.
I was not sure what character I wanted to work on next.  I thought about several different Hanna Barbera characters.  Finally I decided I wanted to recreate good ole Quick Draw.

There is a variant of this image where I gave him a red bandanna.
I actually took this photograph in Pennsylvania while on a trip from New York to Ohio to visit my family.  I loved the corn field and the sky. 
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