Bull Market
Regardless where life takes me I will be always deeply connected by New York City. 

While teaching at ESRA in NYC, everyday I saw one the city's most iconic statues.... THE BULL.  Of course I had seen the bull several if not hundreds of times living while living there.  But everyday that I taught classes I was able to look at the bull and watch tourists take pictures of him.

I feel that this statue not only symbolizes the market, but having lived in NYC for thirteen years... this statue also symbolizes strength.  This statue stood tall through many triumph of ticker tape parades, through the attacks of September 11th and as the downtown area was renewed.  I think that we sometimes take the things we see every day in the city for granted, but when one thinks about it... these iconic figures like the Bull, symbolize the strength and pride of the city.

So I decided to capture his glory in the best way I knew how.... in my own personal vision.  Being wrapped in gold the bull springs to life in this illustration.

Below you will see the stages of the illustration from start to finish.

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