When living in a city like New York, you are overwhelmed by metal and concrete.  One day while taking the subway to Soho, I felt the need to sketch something that had an organic and natural feel to it.  I can not remember why I chose a deer, but I do remember I did not want t just sketch a deer.  I wanted to take organic shapes and place them so that they represented the animal itself.

In essence I wanted to create a design that was more "UMWELTFREUNDLICH" (environmentally friendly) that the world around me.

Once I completed the sketch I let it sit in my drawing pad for quite some time.  Later on I decided that I would take the sketch into Illustrator and do some more work with it.  After recreating the image in Illustrator, I began to work more with it in Photoshop.  The following is the result.

The art has several applications.  It could work as a logo, a t-shirt design, or even be used on packaging (perhaps for a bottle of wine).  When I create art I like to think about how many different applications a piece can have.  A great design can be used in more than one way in my opinion.  Thus, I do not feel this design is limited to what I mentioned, rather it can be used for a number of ideas.
The original sketch drawn on the subway in New York City.
After recreating the image in Adobe Illustrator.
Possible label for a wine bottle.  The text would go on the right hand side.  The great thing is that the format here could even work as a business card.
Thought about how the label would look if it were worn down.
This picture displays how the illustration could be used on apparel.  It also shows how the image would look like if printed in various colors.  Thus, proving again that it is a versatile design.
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