I was tasked to work on a branding project for a potential client whose company deals with a special type of security.

The research began with thinking about potential names.  I came upon the latin word Arx which means protection.  I believed this could also have second meaning as Arx sounds like 'archs'.  Thus, relating how Noah secured several animals. 

It was proposed that the client would have an animal as a logo.  The idea was discussed about having a lion, however in Germany there are too many companies that use lions as their logo.  So for my solution I went with a rhinoceros.  A rhino has armor which is also a form a portection.  But I wanted to take the idea of providing a service for protection further.  Thus, I added small bird sitting on the rhino's horn that would symbolize the customers of the company.  The rhino provides protection for the bird.

I went  through some ideas before settling on the final logo to present to the client.
Originally, I had thought about a showcasing the outline of the a rhino.
My next idea was to create a basic low poly logo.  But I felt it need to be more detailed and also the back ended up making it look more like a triceratops.
As expected, the extra detail and change to the back of the head made the overall design stronger.
These images were created to show the client how the branding could look.
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